RayGuard® Home n Office Onyx & Gold is Swiss made used for stationary protection against electromagnetic radiation in the home, office, school work areas. It protects from all forms of harmful scalar waves and wireless frequencies.

• Computers
• Monitors
• Transmitting stations
• DECT phones
• SmartMeters
• Cell Phones
• Cordless Phones
• Wireless internet
• Cell Tower
• Internet Hot Spots
• Satellite Systems
• Wi-Fi Routers
• Smart Tablets & TV's
• Bluetooth
• Radar Units
• High Tension Power Lines
• PC's Laptops and Book Readers

Dimensions: 250 x 130 (Diameter x Height in mm) 10" x 5" (Diameter x Height Inches)

Effective radius: 150 Feet (15 Meters)
Weight: 600 grams (1.3 LBS)

Heat: Do not expose to temperatures greater than 140F

Moisture: Do not submerse-wipe with damp cloth.

RayGuard Home n Office Oynx and Gold